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Note: All files are according to NFHS code. If file is for NCAA, it will be listed in the name of document.
Word Documents:

NFHS Penalty Enforcement (NFHS- Updated for 2011)
Guidelines for calling Unsportsmanlike Conduct (NFHS- 2009)
Mechanics Addendum (NFHS- For 2008)
Line or Back? (NFHS- New for 2008)
All but One Penalty Enforcement
Back judge Pregame (NCAA- Put together very nicely)
Umpire Pregame (NCAA- Same set up as BJ Pregame)
Calling Fouls
Clock Operator Pregame
Crew Discussion (2001)
Crew Discussion (2002)
Dehydration and Football Officials

Good Stuff from discussion board
Good Stuff from discussion board, part 2
Holding Criteria
Illegal Contact- Should you throw the flag?
Inadvertent whistle
Kicking Rules and Considerations for pregame discussion
Motion vs. Shift
Neutral Zone and the Passing Game
New Wingman Discussion
Offensive Pass Interference
Passing Game Mechanics
Passing Game Keys
Pass Interference Considerations
Referee Part I
Referee Part II
Referee Part III
Running Game Mechanics
To Bag or Not To Bag
Umpire Questions (2000)
When in Question
Why We Officiate (Good article to read every once in a while)

PowerPoint Presentations:
Illegal Formations (For Arena Football, from the AIFA)
Wing Mechanics (NFHS- 5 man)
Coaches Clinic Presentation (NFHS- 2008)
Force (NFHS)
Blocking Presentation (NCAA)
Understanding the new NFHS Receiver Keys
NFHS 5 man Passing Keys (Updated for 2006)
Fair Catch Presentation (NFHS)
The Basic Spot (NFHS- This is an excellent presentation on an often confused topic)
Fouls During Plays with Change of Possession (NFHS- Follows up on the basic spot presentation)
Substitution Infractions (NFHS- This is good but a little out of date with the changes made last year with the nine yard rule)
Dead Ball Officiating (This was given at a clinic. Don't view it as a show, open with Power Point and read both slides and notes! Right click and select "Save target as" and save it to your computer.)
Turn it up! (Has lots of good information from dead ball tips to sideline control. Presentation presented to European officials)
Referee Pre-snap presentation
All but One Penalty Enforcement (NFHS)
Conflict Resolution (From NFHS.org)
Illegal Batting
NFHS Mechanics Changes for 2005 (From NFHS.org)
NFL Keys for 7 man mechanics (Got this from a NFL official, different from CCA 7 man mechanics)
Pre-Game Responsibilities (2000)
Rookie Prep

PDF Files:
NCAA 10 Second Run Off Document (New for 2011)

Oreo Cookie Principle (From a Big 12 official. About KCI and touching vs. forced touching)
The Dance (Again, from a Big 12 official I believe. Deals with punts)
2005 NFHS vs. NCAA Rules Differences (From NFHS.org)
3 man mechanics (From NFHS.org)
Chain crew instructions (From NFHS)
Clock operator instructions (From NFHS)
Mechanics (from IHSAA 2004)
Signals Chart part 1
Signals Chart part 2
NFHS Signals (Updated for 2006 with great references)

Excel Spreadsheets:
Misconceptions about HS rules
Game Report (Used by High School official from Iowa)

Video on Wing Mechanics- (NFHS)
Refstripes.com- An excellent resource and discussion board
usafootball.com- A great resource devoted to improving officiating, endorsed by the NFL
Colorado Springs Officials Association- A link to their handouts page. Many different items.
Good NCAA Site- Rom Gilbert's site.
EAIFO- Comprehensive site. Lots of training materials.
Summary of Penalties

Video Files:
Missed Field Goal- Check this out! (From NFHS.org)
Substitution violation (watch lower right portion of screen)
Illegal Shift - Wide out goes in motion before QB is under center (don't know how often this would get called at the HS level)
Watch out coach! - Sent to me from a European official
What you should NOT do as a back judge - Again, from Europe

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